“Hiring Andi was the easiest and best decision we made throughout the process of selling our home. She had superb ideas and excellent solutions to some of the negative feedback we were getting from potential buyers. She is incredibly talented and truly loves what she does. Andi exceeded my expectations in every way possible.”Valerie and Steven DeBosier
“Andi, you have been an enormous blessing to us! You add tremendous value to us on this Home Remodeling Journey.”Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome
“Andi Holliday was such a pleasure to work with. She made every attempt to exceed expectations, simplify the process, and execute under budget. The best part was seeing how beautifully the home was staged for the first time. Bravo!”Matthew Dreyer
“You guys have been above and beyond excellent! Thank you so much! We have an offer that we believe will turn into a closing contract! Thank you so much guys! I enjoyed working with you guys and have nothing but nice things to say about your business! Thank you for your skill and flexibility with us! The house looks amazing! She (Andi) is brilliantly gifted!”Angie Stockstill
“We decided to stay put in our house and have incorporated so many of your ideas. It’s like a new house!”Home Owner Rebecca Kurtz
“Andi…… you should have seen Brett’s face when he saw your staging-YOU NAILED IT. We are in shock and in awe of your work. Thank you SO much!!!! It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL.”Home Seller Jodi Golden
“Hey Andi! Home had multiple offers at about the two week mark. We are currently under contract! The sellers loved the changes and even said they didn’t want to leave now. Thanks again.”Home Seller Katy Kleinpeter Caldwell
“Yayyyy. I can’t quit loving my house!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH I love it!”Design Client Tena Marchand
“Oh my goodness. Know what I sing your praises about mostly (in addition to your good taste) is your integrity and compassion! It is so very hard to find these days! Those that have it are Gold in my book.”Home Seller Jill Lemoine
“Looks beautiful. Kind of classy compared to the drab honey gold that it was before. Stands out very well. Nice curb appeal. Well Done Andi Holliday.”Home Seller Frank Friedman
“Andi- Linda and Lori LOVED your staging!! They couldn’t get over the huge difference that it made! Thank you so very much my friend.”Home Seller Joan Love
“Andi thank you so much! I absolutely love seeing the transition and what a difference it makes!! And it certainly helps to have sellers who follow instructions.”
Home Seller Katherine Coghlan
“Andi what did you do to my house?! It looks amazing and sold in a day!”
Home Seller Dr. Andrew Roberts
“OMG. You out did yourself! It’s gorgeous. Love Love Love. It looked so great. Tons of compliments for your staging!”
Home Seller Robin Deshotels
“Oh My Gosh we are flipping out. It looks so good! Thx for everything.”
Home Seller Jen Bayhi Gennero
“Dear Andi, I wanted to take a minute and thank you personally for the exemplary job that you did preparing and presenting my listing in the San Fransisco Bay Area at 7112Marlborough.com Terrace. Successful marketing of high-end real estate takes teamwork, and having you as part of my team was invaluable to the successful sale. Your color choices, accessories, furnishings (both in style and scale) were just perfect. Your installation was on time and on budget, then upon closing they were removed cleanly and timely. I couldn’t have asked for more from a desgin and staging service provider. Please feel free to use this letter in future interviews, as it should be considered a testimonial to your skills, service quality and company intergrity. I wish you good luck in the future and look forward to working with you and your team again. Sincerely, Brian Santilena Pacific Union Real Estate San Fransico Bay California”
Brian Santilena, Home Seller in Oakland, Piedmont & Berkeley CA
“Andi can bring life to any home and define the space. For a vacant home, this is perfect. Andi is also great with the sellers who are having a difficult time preparing their homes to sell. She takes the “dirty work” out of that painful part of the listing process. Staging a home with class warms up the home and helps client visualize themselves living in the home. It is an investment that saves time on the market, which ultimately brings a better price for the seller and prevents the home from sitting and becoming stale.”Lisa Landers Broker Owner Re/Max
“Possibly the very best advice was to obtain the service of Ms. Andi Holliday to show us how to stage our house to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. She came out and suggested ways to rearrange furniture, rugs, and patio plants and rockers. The amount she charged was SO cost effective. The first day the house was listed we received an acceptable offer!”
Home Owner Bob Seale
“I know I say this all the time but I just can’t thank you enough Andi for having you on my team. You have truly transformed my listing business!!!!!!”
Em Saunier Re/Max
“Andi has a great sense of style and knowledge of what potential buyers want to see when looking at a house. My most recent experience was a house that was previously listed and did not sell. I asked Andi to help and we got it sold in 24 hours and for more than the previous price. She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.”Jessica Vaught Antilley, Home Seller C.J. Brown
“Many thanks to you bringing your client to the Curtain Exchange. Being in business is all about relationships and customer service. Your service is above and beyond what is customary in the industry today and I applaud you. I look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate your friendship.”Hollen Brown, Curtain Exchange
“After implementing your recommendations for updating our home we were able to sell our home immediately at an offer of $60,000 more than our previous highest offer. Your exceptional understanding and keen eye for knowing how to efficiently and effectively update our home is very much appreciated. We whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who is trying to sell their home! Thank you!”
Home Owners Pat and Mary Beth Prudhomme
“I just cannot say enough about my experience I have had with Stage Presence and Andi. Not only does Andi know how to transform a room into a ‘model room’ at the least cost to my client, but she also has a personality that attracts peace and confidence with my clients. She sincerely cares about her clients and helping them get their homes sold in the least amount of time and at the highest dollar possible. I am so happy to have partnered with Andi in my business.”Debbie Pecas, Home Seller with Keller Williams Reality Red Sticks Partners
“Andi, all things you touch sell. The last home you staged didn’t last a week on the market!”
Alicia Wilson Sales Counselor Level Homes
“Andi I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, patience, expertise and motivation when preparing my house to sell. What I loved most about your approach was always giving me two options when decorating, ‘the million dollar version’ or the ‘working with what I have version.’ The first day on the market we had two offers! HGTV Property Brothers would be so impressed!”
Sue Doody
“You did such a great job staging our unit, it was the final straw that convinced us to move back to it. We wanted more room and it made sense to move back.”Gregg Town
“It’s sold! First showing on the first day! Thank you so much for everything!”J.W.
“Hi it’s Romney Guillot! Happy 4th! Just wanted you to know we signed a contract! Thanks for your help in making that happen!”Romney Guillot
“It is very beautiful and will be a good place to start a new chapter. Thank you again. I cannot stop watching the video. I love it so much!”
Melissa Landry